Castleton Farms LLC

Exploring New Horizons

Pleasant Plains, IL

Welcome to our Fun family Farm in the Land of Lincoln!  This is our home - 20 acres of beautiful Black Walnuts, Oak, and Maple trees; a brand new pond soon to be teeming with fish, rich pasture, a year round trickling stream, surrounded on 3 sides by corn and soybean fields, a 9,000 sqft riding arena, a gorgeous Great Pyrenees and a French poodle! And us - Troy, Jackie, Hannah, Maddie and Gracie – custodians of this land and doing our utmost to live life to the full, invest in our land and be a productive addition to our wonderful community.  With roots spanning the southern and northern hemispheres; South Africa in our hearts and veins, aviation and marketing in our background, we are blessed to plant new roots at Castleton Farm.  We invite you to join our journey.